Upgrades and Repairs


Upgrades and Repairs

With the pace of change so quick in Information Technology, equipment is almost out of date as soon as it is purchased!

All is not lost as the modular design of computers these days means that most can be upgraded, rather than being replaced.  This is often a more cost effective solution than starting again with a new machine.

What We Can Do

We can offer the following Services

  • Memory Upgrades
    It is amazing the improvement in performance that gain be gained by adding memory to your computer. 
    Using memory selection tools from our suppliers we are able to identify the correct memory for your computer, supply and install it for you.  We only use the best quality branded memory so performance and reliability is guaranteed.

  • Hard Disk Upgrades
    Hard disks are never big enough to hold all you want to store!  We can add storage to your computer by adding further disks or replacing your existing disk with a larger, faster model. 
    We can even transfer your data over for you, saving the need to reinstall all your programs.

  • Motherboard and Processor Upgrades
    Often done together, these 2 components are the 'engine' of your computer.  Upgrading to a newer faster processor will make a significant change to your computing experience.

  • Operating System Upgrades.
    If you are using an outdated operating system, why not upgrade to Windows Vista?  We can do this for you and advise you if the change will be worthwhile and if your computer is sufficiently modern.

  • Minor Upgrades
    Just need a CD or DVD writer or a new graphics card.  We can do these as well.

  • Specialist Component Based Repair - Using a partner we can offer component based repair of equipment with free quotations provided before work is carried out.  Component based repair means that individual components can be replaced, saving the cost of complete replacement of boards etc in equipment.
AVG Authorised Reseller
Virus Problems - If your PC is infected with a virus or spyware we can assist in removing this for you and then supply antivirus software from AVG to help prevent this from happening again.
What we do?
Evaluate what you need and give an honest opinion as to the most cost effective solution.
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