Home Networking


Home Networking

With more homes having more than one computer it can be beneficial to connect, or network these machines together.

Home networks allow broadband internet access to be share along with other resources such as files and printers.

Whilst great progress has been made my manufacturers to make networking easier often it can be difficult for novices to get things working.  This is where we can help and save you time and also ensure that everything is setup correctly and importantly securely.

What We Can Do

We can offer the following Services

  • Router setup

  • Printer Sharing

  • File Sharing

  • Home Server Setup

  • Troubleshooting
AVG Authorised Reseller
Virus Problems - If your PC is infected with a virus or spyware we can assist in removing this for you and then supply antivirus software from AVG to help prevent this from happening again.
What we do?
Evaluate what you need and give an honest opinion as to the most cost effective solution.
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